2017 Year in Review - The Interviews


2017 marked another eventful year of great conversations with renown national and international musicians. Below you will find an overview of all interviews published in 2017. Some interviews we conducted in 2017, such as our conversation with Josh Rand of STONE SOUR have still to be published. Please come back for more stuff in the New Year, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and like us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!




Interview conducted with DEVIN TOWNSEND on the occasion of Devin's "Transcendence" tour concert in Vienna on 14 February. We talked with Devin about composing and recording for his latest release "Transcendence", his approach to playing the guitar, as well as on what it means to learn to "fail efficiently".



Interview conducted with Devin's guitar technician on the occasion of the "Transcendence" tour concert in Vienna on 14 February. Nick shows us the guitars Devin is using live, and takes us through his live signal chain. For more information, please refer to www.hevydevy.com





Interview conducted with Australian guitarist PLINI on the occasion of his concert in Vienna, Austria, on 28 March 2017. We talked with Plini about the current tour, his influences, and his creative approach. www.plini.co



ANTHRAX (by Tamas)


Interview conducted with Scott Ian and Jonathan Donais of ANTHRAX on the occasion of their show in Vienna, Austria, on 13 March 2017. We talked with Scott and Jonathan about the "Among The Living" Anniversary tour, their equipment and influences. anthrax.com





Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg of the Swedish band AMON AMARTH talked to us about their latest album "Jomsviking", influences, practice routines and the music business. www.amonamarth.com





Interview conducted with Adam Carroll and John Kevill of WARBRINGER on the occasion of their show in Vienna, Austria, on April 19th 2017. We talked with Adam and John about their new album "Woe to the Vanquished", the production process for it and their equipment and upcoming plans.





In March, we met with ALEX SKOLNICK on the occasion of his Jazz-Trio concert tour and talked with him about his love for the jazz guitar, practice and transcription routines, as well as his time as a student of JOE SATRIANI. Read the full interview here.


Alex also showed us his live rig (below):




Interview with Austrian guitarist ALEX MACHACEK of the Fabulous Austrian Trio (FAT) conducted in Vienna on 4 May 2017. We talked with Alex about his latest release "Living the Dream", his influences, including Allan Holdsworth, as well as his formative years. http://alexmachacek.com/



JULIA MALISCHNIG (in German language)

In June, we caught up with Austrian guitarist JULIA MALISCHNIG to talk about her "La Guitarra esencial" festival and new album "Kiss of Life". Read the full interview in German here.





In July, we conducted an interview with founding member and guitarist of GREAT WHITE - Mark Kendall. Read the full interview here.



RUSSKAJA (by Tamas; in German language)

Mit EXKLUSIVER AKUSTIK SESSION! Interview mit der österreichischen Band RUSSKAJA im Café Podium in Wien. Wir sprachen mit Gitarrist ENGEL MAYR und Sänger GEORGIJ MAKAZARIA über den Entstehungsprozess des neuen Albums "Kosmopoliturbo".




On 3 July, GuitarMania met with vocalist, upright bassist, and composer MILES MOSLEY for an interview in the margins of his show at the Vienna Jazz Festival. Read the interview here.

Miles also ran us through the signal chain of his pedal board (see below):




GERALD GRADWOHL (in German language)


Am 2. September 2017 führten wir ein Interview mit dem österreichischen Jazz- und Fusiongitarristen GERALD GRADWOHL. Wir sprachen mit Gerald über sein neues Album "Raw", sein Equipment, seine Einflüsse und Aufnahmen mit BOB BERG.




Interview conducted with Michael Stützer of the Danish Thrash-Metal legends ARTILLERY at the Escape Live Music Club in Vienna on 3 October 2017. We talked with Michael about his equipment, beginnings and influences. https://www.facebook.com/ARTILLERY.DK/



Interview with AARON MARSHAL of the Canadian band INTERVALS conducted in Vienna, Austria, on 16 November 2017. We talked with Aaron about composing and recording the new album "The Way Forward", as well as Aaron's creative approach and advice for anyone playing instrumental guitar music.



Interviews conducted in 2016 and published in 2017



Interview conducted with Carl Verheyen on the occasion of his concert in Vienna on 4 November 2016. We talked with Carl about his new album "The Grand Design", his influences & intervallic approach to improvisation, as well as his plans with SUPERTRAMP.



Interview conducted with Lee Altus and Kragen Lum of EXODUS and HEATHEN on the occasion of EXODUS's concert in Vienna on 18 November 2016. We talked with the guitarists about their influences, the „Battle Of The Bays“ tour, songwriting for the next Exodus album, as well as their equipment. For more information, please refer to exodusattack.com.





Interview conducted with Doug Aldrich and David Lowy of THE DEAD DAISIES on the occasion of the band's concert in Vienna, Austria, on 19 December 2016. We talked with Doug and David about the recordings for their album "Make Some Noise", their influences and equipment. For more information, please refer to http://thedeaddaisies.com/