ADRENALINE MOB @ Szene, Vienna

Adrenaline Mob gig in Szene Vienna.

Decent straight forward heavy metal or rock in some cases from the beginning to the end. Adrenaline Mob, Mike Portnoy’s new band sounds fresh and easy going. This tour is promoting their first album “Omerta”. I bought it by the way during the gig and keep listening to it and keep finding tunes and rhythms more and more.

Adrenaline Mob are:
Mike Portnoy – Drums (Dream Theater & Avenged Sevenfold)
Russell Allen – Vocals (Symphony X)
Mike Orlando – Guitar (Sonic Stamp)
John Moyer – Bass

The concert itself, I did not expect it to be so good. Clear and loud sound without any many visual extras but the guys’ easiness of playing and interaction with audience was overwhelming. I especially liked Mike Orlando’s solos, kept going into highest tunes and stopped and waited for audience reactions and the kept on going even higher. John Moyer’s bass, quite energetic, very energetic in conjunction with drums. I have a feeling I felt every single bass string being pulled multiplied by the beat of the drum.

Mike Portnoy with his blue beard and same attitude working on the audience during after each bit. His drums kit built up quite a bit comparing to what could have been seen on the videos. Oh man, this guy can beat the drums. The energy is simply spitting out from him. As a matter of fact he spat less than usual and threw only one drum stick to the audience during the whole gig. On the other hand he gave short solo guitar performance when coming back to play extras. Strange to see Mike playing guitar. Russel Allen, Adrenaline Mob’s front man, big guy with strong voice across the range. His low voice blends really well with this heavy sound played only by three musicians. To summarize - great gig full of energy and fresh feeling. I very much enjoyed it.


Feelin’ Me
Down to the Floor
Angel Sky
Freight Train
Come Undone
Believe Me
All in the Line
Hit the Wall 

The Mob Rules
War Pigs