GERALD GRADWOHL - "Raw" Interview


Am 2. September 2017 führten wir ein Interview mit dem österreichischen Jazz- und Fusiongitarristen GERALD GRADWOHL. Wir sprachen mit Gerald über sein neues Album "Raw", sein Equipment, seine Einflüsse und Aufnahmen mit BOB BERG. Unser Dank gilt dem Wiener Live-Musikclub ZWE. Mehr Infos zu Geralds neuem Album "Raw" findet ihr unter Vergesst nicht, uns auch auf Twitter und Facebook zu folgen.

MILES MOSLEY Interview: “You got to grind it out, and make sure you practice the stuff you're bad at"

On 3 July, GuitarMania met with vocalist, upright bassist, and composer MILES MOSLEY for an interview in the margins of his show at the Vienna Jazz Festival. Born in 1980 and named after the famous MILES DAVIS, Miles is a founding member of the acclaimed west coast musical collective called the “West Coast Get Down” - a collaborative group of musicians born and raised in Los Angeles. We wanted to learn more about his new solo-album “Uprising”, his work with the amazing KAMASI WASHINGTON, and practice routines.

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MILES MOSLEY - Pedalboard and signal chain

We caught up with Miles Mosley on the occasion of his concert with the West Coast Get Down at the Jazzfest Wien in Austria on 3 July 2017. Miles played a fantastic show and took the time to run us through the signal chain of his pedalboard. Miles Mosley is a UMG/Verve Label Group artist. For more information on Miles, please see We would like to thank Jürgen Rottensteiner and Uli Zeisel of the Jazzfest Wien, as well as Barbara Sealy for making this possible.

RUSSKAJA - "Kosmopoliturbo" Interview mit GEORGIJ & ENGEL


Mit EXKLUSIVER AKUSTIK SESSION! Interview mit der österreichischen Band RUSSKAJA im Café Podium in Wien. Wir sprachen mit Gitarrist ENGEL MAYR und Sänger GEORGIJ MAKAZARIA über den Entstehungsprozess und Zukunftspläne des neuen Albums "Kosmopoliturbo", welches am 4. August 2017 erscheint. Unser Dank gilt an dieser Stelle Gergana Rottensteiner und dem Cafe Podium. Für weitere Infos, siehe:

GREAT WHITE - "Full Circle" Interview with MARK KENDALL

Born in April 1957, guitarist Mark Kendall has literally come full circle with his band GREAT WHITE and the release of their latest album. Mark has been a founding member and lead guitar player of GREAT WHITE ever since the band’s beginnings in Los Angeles in 1977. He is well known for his blues-infused Rock guitar playing, outstanding tone and exceptional songwriting. GREAT WHITE's latest record "Full Circle" has been produced by Michael Wagener, the producer of the band’s debut album released in 1984 - hence the title. We talked with Mark about composing and recording for the new album, as well as the equipment he used.

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