NIGHTWISH - Interview with Tuomas Holopainen


We talk to keyboarders, too! Interview with Tuomas Holopainen of NIGHTWISH conducted on the occasion of the band's concert in Vienna on 8 December 2015. GuitarMania talked with Tuomas about the "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" tour, and wanted to know from Tuomas how he writes the guitar parts and riffs for the songs, as well as plans to release a Live DVD in 2016. Interview, photos and edit: Tamas Künsztler. Camera: Mathias Berger. Thanks go to Markus Wosgien (Nuclear Blast) and Ewo Pohjola.



Interview with JEFF LOOMIS of ARCH ENEMY conducted at the Stadthalle Wien on 8 December 2015. We talked with Jeff about the current tour, his solo albums as well as his beginnings. Hear also what he has to say about future projects. Interview, photos and edit: Tamas Künsztler. Camera: Mathias Berger. Thanks go to Birgit Luhmeyer and Andre Dellamanha.

ANDY TIMMONS Q&A Interview - Parts I & II


Final part of our video series with ANDY TIMMONS, in which Andy answers a selection of questions by viewers and readers. Please also see a pedal board rig-rundown and conversation between Andy and Martin Miller we recorded on that day. For further information, please see and

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CIRO MANNA - "XY" Interview

Italian rock and jazz guitarist CIRO MANNA’s new record “XY” is one of the best guitar albums we have heard in 2015. "XY" boasts  energetic Rock, Blues and Fusion tunes, and shows Ciro as an accomplished and skilled player. We wanted to learn more about how long it took to record the new album, and how his co-operation with ANDY TIMMONS, PAUL GILBERT, SIMON PHILLIPS and acclaimed session bassist LELAN SKLAR came about.

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Interview mit dem brasilianischen Künstler ALEGRE CORRÊA, der auch einen Teil seines Lebens in Österreich verbrachte, und ein regelmäßiger Gast auf Wiener Bühnen ist. Wir sprachen mit ihm über seinen musikalischen Werdegang, wie er mit seinem Schaffen die Menschen erreichen will, und von welchen Einflüssen er dabei inspiriert wird. Mehr Informationen unter

Interview: Tamas Künsztler. Kamera: Patrick Wiertel & Florian Pichler. Ton: Mathias Berger. Unser Dank gilt dem Porgy & Bess und Eva Mikusch (