Henderson, Berlin, Chambers (HBC) - Porgy & Bess - 8 Oct


GuitarMania Photostory: On 8 October 2013, the new Fusion Jazz Supergroup-Trio HBC performed one of their highly acclaimed concerts at the Vienna Porgy & Bess Jazzclub. The club was packed to  the last seat. Even though we have to admit that we are pretty spoilt as a music lovers when it comes to world class concerts in Vienna, the HBC concert was a special occasion. You do not get the chance to see three of the world’s best Jazz musicians live together on an Austrian stage very often.



Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, and Dennis Chambers teamed up earlier in October 2012 to produce a record with their interpretation of modern Jazz and Fusion classics, ranging from WEATHER REPORT,  to BILLY COBHAM to HERBIE HANCOCK. Read our review of their great record (in German language) here:


HBC are not simply another super-group, but a jazz-fusion superpower melding modern fusion works with jazz classics. Throughout the show, the three instrumentalists impressed the audience with their outstanding technical mastery, and offered a refreshing glimpse of what it means to raise Jazz improvisation to the highest level. As regards the jazz-fusion genre, it hardly gets better than this. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and hope to see HBC on Austrian stages soon again.