KONTRUST - Mike Wolff Interview

KONTRUST Gitarrist Mike Wolff im GuitarMania Interview.
Wir sprachen mit Mike über das Songwriting und die Aufnahmen zu KONTRUSTs neuem Album "Explositive", das am 7. November 2014 erschienen ist.


STEVE STEVENS - "Kings & Queens of the Underground" Interview


Interview with BILLY IDOL's long time musical partner and guitarist STEVE STEVENS conducted on the occasion of their concert in Vienna on 2 July 2014. We talked with Steve about the new Billy Idol album "Kings & Queens of the Underground", his career, influences and how to become a better guitarist. Thanks go to Josie Stevens for her kind help and support. For further information, please refer to http://billyidol.net/steve-stevens/

ANDY WOOD - “Caught Between The Truth and a Lie” Interview

ANDY WOOD is known for being the lead guitarist for Scott Stapp (founding frontman of CREED), and for winning first place in the Guitarmagedon competition when he was 22 years old. In 2014, he published one of the best guitar albums of the year. His 24-track (acoustic/electric) double album entitled “Caught Between The Truth and a Lie” is a mind-blowing Tour de Force, which shows ANDY WOOD not only as an outstanding guitarist, but also as an accomplished composer. GuitarMania wanted to learn more about the recording process for the new album, his influences, and what it takes to succeed as a professional musician.

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AUDREY HORNE - "Pure Heavy" Interview

Interview with Torkjell Rød and Arve Isdal of the Norwegian band AUDREY HORNE on the occasion of their concert in Vienna on 12 December 2014. We talked with Torkjell and Arve about the recording of their new album "Pure Heavy", their European tour and their influences. For more information, please refer to http://www.audreyhornemusic.com/

RICK VITO - "Mojo on My Side" Interview


Interview with Grammy-nominated guitarist and performer RICK VITO recorded in Vienna on 10 September 2014. Rick played with JOHN MAYALL, BONNIE RAITT, BOB SEGER, and of course the great FLEETWOOD MAC. GuitarMania talked with Rick about his new record "Mojo on my Side", his Reverend signature guitars, as well as his exceptional slide playing chops. Rick is also the recipient of the W.C. Handy Award and has eight solo CDs and two solo DVDs in his long list of credits. For more information, please refer to www.rickvito.com