Interview mit dem im Jahre 1958 geborenen österreichischen Blues Musiker ERIK TRAUNER. Aufgezeichnet am 2. September 2015 auf der Bühne des Gewölbekellers der „Frommen Helene“ in Wien. Erik Trauner ist Träger des Goldenen Verdienstzeichens der Republik Österreich, und bekannt für seine Tourneen mit der MOJO BLUES BAND durch Europa und die USA. Wir sprachen mit Erik in einem sehr persönlichen Gespräch über die von ihm gegründete MOJO BLUES BAND, das im Jahre 2013 erschienene Album „Walk the Bridge“, seine Anfänge und musikalischen Einflüsse, seine Gitarren uvam. Für mehr Informationen zu Erik Trauner und der MOJO BLUES BAND, siehe auch

TRIVIUM - "Silence In The Snow" Interview with Corey Beaulieu

American Heavy Metal band TRIVIUM have just released their seventh studio album by the title of “Silence in The Snow”. To date, the band from Orlando, Florida, has sold over one million albums worldwide. Eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, “Silence in the Snow” marks a new era for the band. In August, the band played a fill-in show in Vienna. We used the opportunity to talk with guitarist Corey Beaulieu about the follow-up to the 2013 release “Vengeance Falls”, his influences and favourite guitar albums of all time.

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RIVAL SONS - Interview with Scott Holiday and rig rundown

It took us a bloody long time to finish it, but we think it was worth it. Interview conducted with Scott Holiday of the RIVAL SONS on the occasion of their concert at the Arena venue in Vienna, Austria, on 30 November 2014. We also did a rig rundown with Scott's guitar technician Chris Draper. Our thanks go to Pete Stahl (tour manager), Dan Hardingham (Earache Records) and Eva Reschreiter.

CHRIS BRODERICK - ACT OF DEFIANCE “Birth and the Burial” Interview

Sharp riffs, catchy hooks, and terrific solos: CHRIS BRODERICK has just released the debut album of his new band ACT OF DEFIANCE. After seven successful years with MEGADETH, he decided to follow his own path, and join forces with his former bandmate Shawn Drover. Entitled “Birth and the Burial”, ACT OF DEFIANCE's debut album is a headbanging Thrash Metal attack featuring ten cleverly arranged Thrash and American Metal songs. We spoke with Chris about the recording of the new album, the difference between his and Dave Mustaine’s style of playing, a new generation of shredders, and much more.


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MARCO MINNEMANN - "Celebration" Interview

Multi-instrumentalist MARCO MINNEMANN has every reason to celebrate. He has just released his fourteenth solo-record “Celebration”, published a fantastic new record with THE ARISTOCRATS, and played on JOE SATRIANI’s recent masterpiece “Shockwave Supernova”.  GuitarMania wanted to learn more about the recording of “Celebration” and what it is like to play with two of the greatest guitarists of our time - GUTHRIE GOVAN and JOE SATRIANI.

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