TRAEBEN - Interview with JENS LARSEN


Danish guitarist JENS LARSEN is one of two founding members of the Dutch based Jazz Quartet TRAEBEN. The band has just released its brand-new record "Looking at the Storm". Putting a modern paint on contemporary jazz guitar playing, GuitarMania wanted to learn more about Jens’s approach to composition, his YouTube channel, and the new TRAEBEN record.

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AIRBOURNE - Interview with Joel O’Keeffe


Interview with Joel O’Keeffe on the occasion of AIRBOURNE's concert at the Arena venue in Vienna on 12 November 2014. We talked with Joel about the recording for the new album, the current tour, his guitars and how he developed his chops as a rhythm player. Thanks go to Jürgen Rottensteiner and Annemarie Treiber.

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Interview with TOSIN ABASI conducted on the occasion of the ANIMALS AS LEADERS' concert in Vienna on 15 October 2014. We talked with Tosin about the new album "The Joy of Motion", how he composes, his influences, as well as his views on how to become a better musician. Thanks go to Stephan Killermann, Maz Gomez, and James Monteith.

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NOVA ROCK Intendant und Mastermind EWALD TATAR im GuitarMania Interview. Aufgenommen beim 2014 Nova Rock Festival. Wir sprachen mit Ewald über das zehnjährige Jubiläum, die vielen Helfer und Mitarbeiter hinter den Kulissen, und was er für die weiteren Festivals plant. Unser Dank gilt Ewald, Haubi, und der ganzen Nova Rock Crew.

JOHN SCOFIELD - "Juice" Interview

Interview with JOHN SCOFIELD on the occasion of "The John Scofield Trio's" concert in Vienna on 14 October 2014.  We talked with John about playing with long-time bass player Steve Swallow and drummer Bill Stewart, his new record with MEDESKI-SCOFIELD-MARTIN-WOOD entitled "Juice", practicing, his career, and much, much more. Thanks go to Susan and Barbara, as well as the team at the Porgy & Bess Club in Vienna. For more information, please visit