SCORPIONS - Interview mit Rudolf Schenker


Interview mit Rudolf Schenker von den SCORPIONS. Aufgenommen am 13. März 2014 im Rahmen der Frankfurter Musikmesse. Wir sprachen mit Rudolf über die laufende Welttournee, das MTV Unplugged Album, sowie seine Wurzeln und Anfänge als Gitarrist. Interview: Richman. Kamera: Jerzy Bin. Schnitt: Tamas Künsztler.

JOHN MAYALL - Interview


Interview with JOHN MAYALL and rig rundown with CLAUDE TAYLOR, John's tour and production manager. The interview was filmed at the Porgy & Bess Club in Vienna, Austria, on 21 February 2014. We talked with John about his latest records, his beginnings, the 80th anniversary tour, as well as his lead guitarist ROCKY ATHAS.

HARALD WEINKUM -„ÜberThree“ Interview

“You can take a bassist out of Vienna, but you cannot take Vienna out of a bassist!” Austrian bass player HARALD WEINKUM has released his third record „ÜberThree“, featuring musicians such as MIKE STERN, PEE WEE ELLIS or GERALD GRADWOHL. We love Harald's ¾ meter adaptions of CHICK COREA’s “Got a Match?”, PEE WEE ELLIS's “The Chicken”, and are totally blown away by his Salsa interpretation of Johann Strauss’s “An der schönen blauen Donau”. GuitarMania wanted to find out more about his new record, what it is like living and working in the US and Austria, and his 12 tone concept inspired by Austrian composer ARNOLD SCHÖNBERG.

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Interview with FRANK GAMBALE, one of the most influential and inspiring guitarists of our time. We wanted to learn more from Frank about his concert series with Austrian jazz violinist ZIPFLO WEINRICH in Austria on 7 March 2014. Other topics we touched upon were how Frank captures his ideas, his equipment and of course his sweeping technique. Thanks go to Amanda, Walter, and the crew of the Gasometer in Vienna.

GRAND MAGUS - Interview with Janne „JB" Christoffersson


Interview with "JB" from GRAND MAGUS on the occasion of their concert in Vienna on 21 March 2014. We wanted to learn more from Janne about the new album "Triumph and Power", the recording of the new songs, as well as his influences and beginnings as a guitar player. Interview: Richman. Camera, Editing, Stills: Tamás Künsztler