AUDREY HORNE - Interview with Arve, Thomas and Espen


Interview with Arve Isdal/Ice Dale (guitar), Thomas Tofthagen (guitar) and Espen Lien (Bass) of the Norwegian band AUDREY HORNE on the occasion of their ROCK REVELATION TOUR concert in Vienna on 21 March 2014. We talked with the musicians about their still untitled forthcoming album, band dynamics, their favorite records, as well as their equipment. Thanks to Florian for the idea, and the band for spontaneously agreeing to this interview after their show.

STEVE VAI - Interview


Interview with STEVE VAI on the occasion of his workshop in Vienna on 2 April 2014. We are very grateful for Steve sharing his thoughts on how to become a successful musician, as well as for his deep philosophical insights. Thanks go to Stephan (Ibanez/Meinl Distribution), and Stephanie (Vector Management).

SEPULTURA - Interview with Andreas Kisser


Interview filmed on the occasion of SEPULTURA's concert in Vienna on 19 February 2014. We talked with Andreas Kisser from SEPULTURA about the new album "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart", Austrian-born film-maker Fritz Lang, his new all star project DE LA TIERRA, as well as his origins and experience as a guitarist. Interview: Richman. Camera: Jerzy Bin. Editing: Tamás Künsztler.

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Twan van Geel and Hein Willekens


Interview with LEGION OF THE DAMNED guitarists Twan van Geel and Hein Willekens on the occasion of the band's concert in Vienna, Austria, on 19 February 2014. GuitarMania talked with Twan and Hein about touring with SEPULTURA, the new album "Ravenous Plague", their musical influences and their equipment. Interview: Richman. Camera: Jerzy Bin. Video editing: Tamás Künsztler. Thanks go to Maurice Swinkels.

DAVID GRISSOM - “How it Feels to Fly” Interview


DAVID GRISSOM is one of Texas's premier Rock, Blues, and Americana guitarists. He has toured and recorded with countless artists, such as BUDDY GUY, JOHN MELLENCAMP, or JOHN MAYALL.  In February, David released his fourth studio album “How it Feels to Fly”. We talked with the artist about his new album, his work with PAUL REED SMITH, as well as the skills needed to make it as a professional musician. He will be on tour in Europe in March and April. Do not miss his only gig in Austria at the Bluesiana in Velden on 30 March. (Photo: K.T. Yarbrough)

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